This article is for ServiceNow customers, partners, and employees to troubleshoot any issues surrounding logging into Now Support (HI).

All Users

Account Issues

If you have forgotten your password or want to reset your password, we can email you a reset password link if you click Forgot your password? For more information, you can also refer to Resetting your Now Support (HI) user password.

If you entered the email for a valid Now Support (HI) account, you will receive an email in 2-5 minutes. Please check spam folder if you do not receive the email in that time frame.

Your username is your company email address.

ServiceNow employees use their user name (ex. john.smith) and not their email address to access Now Support (HI).

To update your email address, please contact your Customer Administrator.

To request a Now Support (HI) account, please contact your Customer Administrator.

You have either entered your credentials incorrectly five times in a row or you have not logged into Now Support (HI) for a while.

If you have not logged into for the following number of days, your account is automatically deactivated:

  • Commercial customers: 90 days
  • Federal customers: 60 days

If you have entered your credentials five times and not been able to successfully log into Now Support (HI), you will be locked out and see this message:

You can wait 30 minutes and your account will automatically be unlocked. If you need to be unlocked immediately, contact your Customer Administrator to ask them to unlock your account.

Your account will also be locked if you have not logged into HI for 60 days for Federal customers, and 90 days for Commercial customers. You will need to contact your Customer Administrator to unlock your account.

You can see who your Administrators on your Now Support (HI) Profile page, see: Identifying your customer administrator for more information.

Multifactor Authentication

We added Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to HI user accounts to enhance security. For more information on Multifactor Authentication on Now Support (HI), please see Evolving our Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Experience on the Now Support (HI).

You are allowed to use any Authenticator that supports TOTP (Time-based One Time Password) algorithm. Refer to Multi-Factor Authenticators supported by Now Support (HI) for all recommended authenticators.

You can log into Now Support (HI) using the option Receive one-time code via email as shown below. The one time code is valid for the next 30 minutes. 

To pair your MFA Authenticator to your new device:

  1. Use the Receive one-time code via email to log into Now Support (HI). See Receive one-time code via email image from above.
  2. Log into Now Support (HI) using the one-time code.
  3. Navigate to My profile from the right top nav. Your details will be displayed. 
  4. Once on your profile, click to show the three-dot contextual menu. 
  5. From the drop-down menu, click Multi-Factor Authentication.
  6. The Multi-Factor Authentication Setup page will display.
  7. Open the Authenticator on your new device.
  8. Manually enter the verification code. Alternatively, if you are using your mobile device, tap Scan Barcode and point your camera at the QR code on your computer screen.
  9. Click Pair Device and Login. Your new device should now be paired.

When the one-time code is sent to your email address it is valid for 30 minutes. Please check your spam folder or search all email messages for an email from and subject containing HI Multi-factor Authentication One Time Passcode.

Now Support (HI) Customer Admin

Account Management

As an Admin, you can navigate to the Manage Accounts area to create new users. 

Before creating a new user, filter the Active column in the user list for inactive users. If the user you need to create already exists as an inactive user, change their status to Active instead of creating a duplicate record. Refer to Creating and managing Now Support (HI) users, granting and revoking access, editing user roles for the steps to create new users on Now Support (HI).

As a ServiceNow Customer Administrator, you can deactivate a user who is no longer employed at your company. You cannot delete users, but you can change a user's status.

ServiceNow keeps all users in the HI administration database with either an active or inactive status. This approach allows you to retain the user information on cases, problems, and changes.

Refer to Creating and managing HI users, granting and revoking access, editing user roles for the steps to deactivating a user on Now Support (HI).

Admin Account Issues

If you are a Customer Administrator and are locked out, you can ask a fellow Customer Administrator to unlock your account. If you are the sole Administrator or the only one available, contact ServiceNow Technical Support if you need it to be unlocked.

If you are still having trouble or need help with any of the steps listed above, contact ServiceNow Technical Support.




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