This article details how administrators can add or remove company users and partners from notifications in HI.

Company notifications

On the Company record, you can edit the Communication and Notification list fields:

  • Users added to the Communication field receive messages about maintenance windows, upgrades, and patches. If the Communication field is left blank, the messages are sent to the users identified in the business contact and support contact fields. 
  • Users added to the Notification list field are included on all email notifications sent to the company.  

To remove or add users to the Communication or Notification list field:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Navigate to Self-Service > Administration > Manage Company Contacts.  

    • Navigate to User Administration > Company.

  2. In the Communication or Notification list field, click the lock icon.
  3. Add one or multiple user names.

  4. Click the lock icon again to secure the field.

  5. Click Update.

Partner notifications

ServiceNow partners are notified about changes that occur for their own ServiceNow instance and instances of associated customers.

In addition, partners receive auto-upgrade notifications, which are different from the normal Cases and Change notifications. These are special notifications that are sent to primary/secondary Support/Technical contacts in the parent chain.

To request the partner no longer receive these types of notifications, you can send an email to the partner deployment team at to remove them from your company's record (Partner and Parent field).



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