Determining if notifications exceed max size limit in HI


This article discusses how to determine if update notifications exceed the maximum email size limit in HI.


Troubleshooting update notifications

If you have stopped receiving all or some update notifications for a particular incident, change or problem, this may be because your email body size exceeds the max limit. This can be caused by work notes, which as part of the email notifications, continue to increase in size with each notification.

If the Additional Comments size, for example, is more than the maximum-allowed size, the notifications are not sent. The email is set to send-ignored because its size exceeds the value set in

To prevent these issues, the system enforces configured limits on the maximum email body size, total attachment file size, and number of attachments per email. Administrators can modify the maximum values using these properties.



To decrease the size of the notification without modifying the max value, the alternative is to copy the existing Work Notes/Additional Comments and add them as an attachment to the notification. This should allow you to continue receiving updates notifications without deleting work notes or making other modifications.




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