Customer and Partner administrators are responsible for keeping their company contact information accurate and up to date on Now Support (HI). For example, if the primary support contact person is unavailable, the customer administrator should specify an alternative, temporary primary support contact.

Company contacts are critical for communications with ServiceNow. For example, company contacts are notified by email if there is a mass outage or an issue affecting the company instance. The following table contains more information about contacts and their responsibilities.

Primary Business Contact: 

  • Receives welcome email for new instance provisioned (only if there is at least one customer_admin).
  • Receives welcome email for new TPP instances (only if there is no customer_admin).
  • Receives instance retire notification.

Secondary Business Contact: Receives instance retire notification.

You can also designate users to receive Patching Program notifications and communications:

Note: ServiceNow partners are notified about changes that occur for their own ServiceNow instances and instances of associated customers.

For more information, see Notifications on Now Support.

Patching Program notifications

The Patching Program schedules patches in intervals throughout the year so your instance has the latest security, performance, and availability hot fixes, and patches. The following roles are sent notifications as part of Patching Program:

  • Primary Business Contact
  • Primary Customer Admin
  • Primary Support Contact
  • Secondary Support Contact
  • Primary Technical Contact
  • Secondary Technical Contact
  • Support Account Manager
  • Communication List
  • Notification List
  • Security Contact
  • Secondary Business Contact
  • Solution Consultant
  • Territory Contact

Note that this can change from program to program, as these fields are selectable and are not hardcoded. Also, if you do not have a valid user assigned for a specific role, there is no notification.

For more information about the Patching Program, see Patching Program Customer FAQs

Notifications and Communication Lists 

  • Users added to the Notification list receive notifications for auto-upgrades, upgrade notifications, all cases opened, and cases updated with comments
  • Users added to the Communication list receive notifications for patches, auto-upgrades, and upgrade notifications. (If the Communication list is left blank, the messages are sent to the users identified in the business contact and support contact fields.) 
  • Sys Id details appear in the Notification & Communication list when ServiceNow Employee details are added to the lists. This is expected behavior in the Now Support portal as Customers are not authorized to see the name behind the Sys Id

Adding or editing company contacts

The following steps can be performed by customer administrators and partner administrators.

  1. Navigate to hi.service-now.com.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Enterprise and Express customers, click Manage Accounts.
    • ServiceWatch customers, click Self-Service > Administration > Manage Company Contacts.
  3. Enter the names for the Primary support contactSecondary support contactPrimary technical contact,Secondary technical contact, Primary business contact, Secondary business contact and Security contact.
    If phone number and email address information exists in Now Support for the identified users, the information is added to the appropriate fields automatically.
  4. Enter or update the Business phoneMobile phone, and Email fields, if needed.
  5. In the Security Contact list, click the word Empty or the list of names to add user names or email addresses.
  6. In Communication & Notification list, click the word Empty or the list of names to add user names or email addresses.
  7. Click Save.

Note: Users will see a  icon next to contact list if any of the contacts are missing.

Keeping contacts up to date

When company contact information is incomplete or verification is needed to ensure company information is not out of date, Now Support displays notification messages and alerts for the customer administrator to complete or verify company contact information.

Now Support performs several checks to ensure contacts are complete.  When contact information requires action, customer administrators see a notification message at the top of the company profile and alerts are listed on the alert page.

To update empty Business phone, Mobile phone, Email, and/or Time zone fields:

  1. Navigate to hi.service-now.com.
  2. Click Manage Accounts.
  3. Add the correct information to the fields.

Managing dormant contacts

Dormant users are users that have not logged in to Now Support within the last 180 days. If you have a dormant user that is specified as a contact, do one of the following:

  • Reactivate the user.
  • Specify a different, active user as the contact. (Follow the steps in the "Adding or editing company contacts" section of this article.)

To reactivate a dormant user:

  1. Navigate to hi.service-now.com
  2. Click Manage Accounts --> User List.
  3. Click a user name.  
  4. Click Keep Active. 
    Selecting Keep Active makes the user not dormant for an additional 180 days.
  5. Click Update.

Validating profile information

Periodically, Now Support asks customer administrators to validate that company information is correct. This period is currently set to 180 days, but can be configured.

  1. Navigate to hi.service-now.com
  2. Verify that profile information is correct and current.
  3. Click This info is up to date, which will reset the validation counter for another 180 days.

Additional Details for Key Contact Sync

  • On Now Support, each key contact can be mapped to only one user. For example, there can be, at maximum, one Primary Technical Contact in Now Support.
  • One Now Support user can be mapped to multiple key contacts. For example, the same user can be mapped to Primary Technical Contact and Primary Customer Admin (and so on).

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