Get Ready

Get ready for Changes from Orlando, not be able to create any new blueprints.

Preparation needed: Ensure that cloud catalog owner/designer is trained in template technologies e.g.

    • Terraform TF templates
    • Amazon AWS CFT (Cloud Formation Template)
    • Microsoft Azure ARM (Azure Resource Manager)
    • Google Cloud (Google Deployment Manager)
    • Ansible Tower Job Templates.

Starting with the Orlando release

Starting with the Orlando release, CMP blueprints will be in restricted usage. The Blueprint capability in ServiceNow CMP will be deprecated in future releases. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

01What’s the benefit of moving to cloud templates?

Cloud template technologies (IaC -infrastructure as code) are well documented, well understood, and are constantly updated by the cloud vendors – this makes it easier to spec the infrastructure environment with latest available cloud vendor offerings. Blueprints require work in creating resource blocks prior to the deployment itself – this makes it a bit complicated.

02Why are we obsoleting blueprints?

We at ServiceNow side love the cloud-agnostics that blueprint offers and we pride ourselves on the outcome that this enables.
However, we see more customers increasingly preferring to go the cloud-native route owing to the greater knowledge of commonly available tech like CFT, GDM and Terraform. Also blueprints rely heavily on the resource block representing a cloud service/resource being present – making it complicated to create and/or maintain.

03How to design cloud template catalog items?Refer: Create a cloud template
04Is there any place to learn more about cloud catalog items, with working examples?Refer: "Cloud Management Recipes"  & "Updates to the Cloud Management Recipes"
05Does Quota control work for Templates?

Quota setting is not supported with cloud template catalogs. This is usually not relevant in a public cloud context, where the paradigm of unlimited resources and auto-elasticity applies. Budget alert notifications still work, so generate alerts and measure on the thing that matters – COST.

Note: Quota feature for Template-based Catalogs is planned in future releases.

06How the Day2 Operations are provided to the Stacks provisioned by CFT/ARM/GDM?The Day2 Operations are depending on the Stacks, once the stack got provisioned by the CFT/ARM/GDM catalogs, the available Day2 Operations will work as expected.
07We have CFT for AWS and ARM for Azure, similarly, which templates the VMware support for provision?

No native templates are available for vCenter deployment, this is the limitation from the VMware Provider - the option is to go to Terraform.

ServiceNow recommends having the Terraform as solution for the VMware provisioning. Refer: Blueprints and Vmware

08Like ServiceNow provided the Templates "Cloud Management Recipes" for CFT and ARM, can we also get the Sample Templates for Vmware Provisioning?

The below Templates for VMware is available.

  1. TF VM with Volume on VMware - Orlando
  2. TF VM on VMware - Orlando
  3. TF VM With Multi NIC on VMware - Orlando

Please follow "Updates to the Cloud Management Recipes" for more updates from the CPG Product Management 

09How to configure Ansible Template jobs with Template-based Catalogs?

We can use the Post-Provisioning scripts as the same way we use for BluePrint execution steps, please refer the below

  1. Pre and Post Provision operation with Templates
  2. Create post-provision operations
  3. Example: Post-provision cloud script
  4. Add post-provisioning to a Cloud Formation Template-based catalog item

Note: This is being worked internally for more detailed information on how to use the Post-Provisioning scripts to integrate with Ansible Jobs. We will keep this article updated.

10What are the Cloud Providers supported by Terraform with ServiceNow?Azure (Terraform Enterprise, Terraform Open-Source), VMware (Terraform Open-Source)
11How to add AWS cloud provider in Terraform Connector?

Add new cloud provider in Terraform Connector (AWS) –

TFO https://bit.ly/39Za71K

TFE - https://bit.ly/3a2dWmF

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