Blueprint Support for VMWARE.

  1. I am using blueprints to deploy to my private cloud VMware estate. What’re the alternatives I have for new catalog items?

Terraform is the ideal next alternative, with either Terraform Open Source or the enterprise version (per your organization mandates). This gives many advantages– code based, so easy to maintain, well documented, several living examples (web) and modern approach.



  1. Create a Terraform Open Source config provider and run Discovery
  2. Create or update a catalog item based on a Terraform template


  Creating a Catalog Item for Vmware using Terraform

Dicover Terraform Config Installable for Vmware

  • The Terraform language uses configuration files that are named with the .tf file extension.
  • Copy the content in the attached file "Terrraform_vmware_multivm.txt" to the Base Directory in the Terraform Box with file Extension as .tf.

    • Note: The file "Terrraform_vmware_multivm.txt" has the raw content, make sure to provide correct details.

      • Example1: The file contains Vcneter Server=xx.xx.xx.xx, need to provide the correct Vcenter IP Address.
      • Example2: The file contains vsphere_datastore name=vstore, need to provide the correct Datastore name.
      • Example3: The file contains host_name = "Hostname", need to provide the desired name.

  • Configure the Terraform Config Provider for Discovery

    • Navigator 
    • Cloud Management >> Cloud Admin Portal 
    • Cloud Admin Portal >> Config Management >> Config Providers >> New 
    • Fill the required Fileds 

    • Execute Discovery.

  • Once after the successful Discovery, we can see the "CFG Installable" available in the Terraform configuration.

    • If the Discovery fails, review "Cloud Capi Trail" for the error or reach Servicenow Technical Support.

  • Click on the VMware Config Installable and we can see the "Configuration Template"

  • The Terraform Config Installable for Vmware is now available.

Create a Catalog Item based on the above Config Installable for Vmware

  • Once the Terraform Discovery is successful

    • Navigator 
    • Cloud Management >> Cloud Admin Portal 
    • Cloud Admin Portal >>Design >> Cloud Catalog Items 
    • Cloud Catalog Items >> Create New >> Choose 

      • Name: (User Preference)
      • Source: Configuration Management Template 
      • Provider Type: Terraform Environment 
      • Provider: TerrformBox (Discovered from the above)
      • Click Submit

    • Note: The "Active" checkbox is greyed out, the option will be available only after a successful Template validation and Activation.

  • Once Submitted, we can see the "Cloud Templates" under the "Related Links"

  • Once the page opened Choose the "Configuration Installable", as per this example, we can see VmWare.

  • Click "Save"  
  • Once Save, we can see the below changes in the template.
    • Body: is generated with the content from the Template
    • Validation: Success 
    • Validation Message: Template is valid and saved.

  • Click on "Activate"
  • If the information in the template is good, the validation will get succeeded, if not, will need to communicat with Terraform Admin to clear the errors.
  • Once after succesful validation, now, we can see the Cloud Catalog will have the below options available.

    • "Active" checkbox is R/W 
    • Operation: Provision

  • Mark the "Active" CheckBox and "Save" the template.

Provision the Catalog from the User portal.

  • Navigator 
  • Cloud Management >> Cloud User Portal 
  • Cloud User Portal >> Launch a Stack >> Choose the above Catalog

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