The scenario here is to create an issue in Jira whenever a new incident is created in ServiceNow instance


Release or Environment

New York


1. Follow the steps in the knowledge article: How to set up Jira Spoke 2.5.1

2. On your ServiceNow instance navigate to Flow Designer > Designer > Flows > New > provide a name for the flow

    • Eg: ServiceNow to Jira

3. Select a trigger for the flow

    • Eg: When an incident is created

4. Configure the action.

    • Action > Jira > Create Issue


5. The Connection Alias will be automatically set to sn_jira_spoke.Jira if you followed the procedure in Step 1.

6. Select the Project Key in which you want to create the issue.

  • The Project Key is may be obtained from Atlasssian Instance (Jira > Projects). It is basically the name of the Project where you want to create the issue.
  • In our case the Project Key is SJT (Note: below screenshot is from Atlasssian Instance)


7. Select the Issue Type from the drop down. You will get to choose form Task, Sub-Task, Story, Bug, Epic in an OOTB instance.

    • Note: If you have created custom issue types in the Jira instance, you should see them in the drop down as well.

8. Fill in the Summary, description and Priority.

 It should look like as follows:

9. Save the flow.

10. Now whenever a new incident is created, this flow will create an issue in Jira.

In order to test this, proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to the flow
  2. Click on Test
  3. Select an incident record.
  4. Click Run Test

  1. Check the flow execution and you should see success in the action

  1. If you go to your Atlassian Jira instance, under the Project, you should see an issue created.


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