During a Discovery scan for IP Switch/IP Router, there can be more than one payload being sent to the Identification and Reconciliation Engine (IRE) at the same time, for the same CI, but with different class types. This can lead to the creation of duplicates in the CMDB. For example, if two payloads are sent to IRE for the same IP Switch/IP Router, one with class type cmdb_ci_ip_switch, and the other with cmdb_ci_ip_router, it can create duplicates for that CI.

Steps to Reproduce

Perform a Discovery scan for IP Switch or IP Router.


This problem has been mitigated in Madrid by the resolution of PRB1301835/KB0723645, reducing the number of payloads sent for the same device via multiple IPs.

As further workaround, add system OIDs to the [discovery_snmp_oid] table, to force a specific class during Classification phase. This prevents the class from flipping between IP Switch/IP Router based on inconsistent SNMP OID responses used to dynamically determine the class.

Related Problem: PRB1296612

Seen In

Kingston Patch 2

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