Fields that share same storage alias with an edge-encrypted field get a multiple-line input text box on the form even though the max-length value in the dictionary entry for those fields is less than 255.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Find a String type field that has a max-length value of more than 255 on task table and a storage alias that is shared by other columns. On the backend, the storage alias should be mapped to a varcher column.

  2. Enable Edge Encryption on the field, which must be done through a proxy.

    Note the max-lengh in the dictionary entry remains unchanged, but on the backend, the system converts the column from varchar to mediumtext.

    On the form, the encrypted field itself still shows a single-line input box, probably because of the attribute Edge Encryption Enabled.

  3. Check other fields that share the alias.

    These fields appear as a multiple-line input box on the form. If a new field with a max-length value of more than 255 is created, it might also be mapped to the medium text field, which is incorrect.

    If one of the affected fields is a reference field and the label of the field does not display, see KB0550677.



Open the dictionary record of the field and add the attribute "is_multi_text= false" to the record.

Related Problem: PRB1239150

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