After upgrading an instance that has the Cloud Management plugin in use, the Cloud Resources Catalog page will have its layout modified despite previous user modifications.
The customer update record for the Cloud Resources Catalog is not skipped during the upgrade.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Login as administrator any instance from Istanbul onwards.
2. Activate Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Cloud Management plugin (
3. Activate Amazon Web Services plugin (
4. Activate Orchestration - VMWare Support plugin (com.snc.runbook_automation.vmware)
5. Navigate to Self-Service > Catalog Resource Catalog
6. Remove all displayed modules, then add back the Category Details items for VMware Virtual Machines, Amazon Virtual Machines, and Amazon Key Pairs. Now only the aforementioned 3 items display.
7. Upgrade the instance to Istanbul Patch 8
8. Navigate back to Self-Service > Catalog Resource Catalog
9. Modules that were removed previously are now present and duplicates of the 3 modules that were already present before the upgrade now appear. The position and layout of how the 3 modules were displayed before is altered as well.

Example before upgrade:

Example after upgrade:


This is expected behaviour and a known limitation in the current releases.

Please also refer to: Modifications to OOB Cloud Management resource blocks and components (adding new operations, changing layout, parameters, etc) can get lost during an instance upgrade.

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