How to avoid losing customizations to Cloud Management resource blocks during an instance upgrade



Modifications to Cloud Management resource blocks and components in base system instances (adding new operations, changing layout, parameters, and the like) can get lost during an instance upgrade.


After an instance upgrade, previous modifications to base system default resource blocks are missing.


In the current platform, changes and customizations are not skipped by the upgrade process. This has been identified as a possible future enhancement.


Extend to a new resource operation, rather than modifying an existing one.
  1. From the UI on a resource operation, create a new extension.
  2. Change the steps (resource block order) and create a new resource operation.
  3. In the Blueprint, call the new extension resource step instead of the default.
  4. Each resource block operation and interface should have a system defined flag, as should CAPI. 



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Last Updated:2017-11-02 20:15:06