This article guides you through the process of troubleshooting discovery of Microsoft Windows Servers. It provides steps to help you eliminate common causes of your problem. 

Determine if any of the steps below are true for your environment. Each step provides a link to an article that will help you eliminate possible causes and take corrective action as necessary. 
  1. Verify that Service Mapping is listening on all relevant ports. For more information, see KB0564282: Service Mapping accesses an incorrect IP address.

  2. Verify that acceds to the Windows Server is not denied. For more information, see KB0564283: Access to a Windows Server is denied.

  3. Verify that Service Mapping is running commands. For more information, see KB0564296: Service Mapping fails to run commands.

Note: If your problem still exists after trying the steps in this article, submit an incident to Customer Support and note this knowledge base article ID (KB0563986) in the description. 



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