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ServiceNow customers and partners can view information about their issues from the HI Service Portal for Customers on HI. My Issues is comprised of incidents, problems, changes, and enhancement requests filed by users in the company.

In addition, ServiceNow partners can view My Issues for their company and the customers they manage.

Note: Your options may vary depending on your HI account roles. Check with your ServiceNow Administrator if you are unable to access a feature.

Viewing My Issues

For Customers and Partners:

  1. Navigate to hi.service-now.com.
  2. Active Incident and Active Change widgets on the HISP Homepage updates with the 3 most recently updated active records.


    1. Clicking on a record number opens the record.
    2. Click on View all to open the My Issues page, or:

  3. Click Issues in the navigation.
  4. Sub-menus are displayed for incidents, problems, and Community posts (for Community users).

My Issues Sub-Menu

  1. Clicking the Incidents and Problems sub-menus will display the active list of records for the company.
  2. Action buttons are anchored at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the column name to sort the data.
  4. Use Keyword Search to find specific tickets.
  5. R-click on a column to Filter Out or Show Matching.
  6. Click anywhere on the row to obtain detailed information about a specific record.

Incident List 

Incident list view for customers


Problem list view for customers

5.  When viewing an incident record the user can add users to the watch list so they get notified when updates are made.

Incident Watch List


For Partners managing customer company data (users with the partner role):

  1. Navigate to hi.service-now.com.
  2. Click on user name and select Switch Company.
    This displays a list of companies that partner has the ability to manage.
  3. Select a company.
    This updates multiple pages of the portal to the customer company data including homepage widgets, Instance pages, Accounts, and Issues.
  4. Click on Issues, then the sub-menu
  5. Search for issues based using the keyword search. 
  6. Click anywhere on the record row to obtain detailed information about a specific issue.

The following image displays the partner view of the user menu with Switch Company option:

User Menu for Partner



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