This article is a quick reference guide to resources that cover the ServiceNow HI Service Portal.



For information about the portal homepage user interface, see Service Portal on HI.

For videos about the portal, see HI Service Portal help videos.

If you are a ServiceNow Express customer, see Using the Express Service Portal on HI.



  • If you are using Internet Explorer 9, upgrade to a later version of IE or use a different browser to view the HI Service portal
  • The user interface options available are based on your role (for example, partners have different options than customers)
  • ServiceWatch Only users see the Legacy HI portal


1. Manage Instances
Ensure the security and health of your instances by viewing information, scheduling clones, activating plugins, and requesting resets.


2. Manage Upgrades
Take control of the upgrade process for all of your instances by obtaining version entitlements, scheduling upgrades, and viewing the upgrade dashboard.


3. Manage Users
Add and edit HI users in your organization. 
4. Support
Obtain help from ServiceNow with our documentation, the active ServiceNow community, and our customer support team. You can also register for training.

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