Overview of Now Support (HI) Portal

The Now Support (HI) portal enables ServiceNow customers and partners to centrally manage their instances, upgrades, and users from one location. As a ServiceNow System Administrator and customer, you are the steward and advocate for ServiceNow at your company. ServiceNow self-service content and customer support experiences are critical to ensuring a consistent and superior experience for your service providers and end-users. 

Latest advancements in your Now Support (HI) Experience - Updated 3/20

We've made some changes to the Support portal home page! These changes were inspired by and driven by you, our customers. Here are the latest updates to the Now Support experience as of March 20, 2020.

Features of the Now Support (HI) portal

Note iconNotes:
    • If you are using Internet Explorer 9, we recommend upgrading to a later version of IE or using a different browser to view the Now Support portal.
    • Different options are available in the user interface based on your role (for example, partners have different options than customers). Check with your ServiceNow Administrator if you are unable to access a feature.
    • ServiceWatch Only users see the Legacy portal.

Get Started with Now Support (HI) Portal

Users who visit the Now Support (HI) portal ( are welcomed with trending content across our self-service properties and quick access to agent assistance from the homepage. Without logging in, customers can get a glimpse of popular troubleshooting articles, community solutions, and more.

Now Support (HI) portal homepage features:

  1. Library of solutions front-and-center
    1. Get an idea of trending solutions without having to log in
    2. Recent Known Errors 
    3. Solutions for common issues made relevant by customer cases
  2. Visibility to Now Community content
    1. Recently answered questions
    2. Trending content
    3. Access to the Idea Portal to submit enhancement requests
  3. Ways to contact ServiceNow Technical Support
    1. Create a Case from the portal
    2. Phone numbers based on your geo location
    3. Introduction to Support Account Management
  4. Quick links to additional resources 
    1. Now Support (HI) Virtual Agent is available for unauthenticated users

Now Support HI Portal unauthenticated portal view


Logging in to the Now Support (HI) Portal

Customer administrators can get the most out of their Now Support (HI) portal experience by getting acquainted with key features and profile functionality. When getting started on the Now Support (HI) portal, users can manage instances, schedule instance upgrades, manage "my issues," and search troubleshooting content. Additionally, customers can review and update their company's contacts, set up notification preferences, and get the latest news in support technology and features by logging in.

Log in to the Now Support (HI) portal for access to key features of the portal:

Now Support HI portal auth
Homepage in Enterprise customer view of Now Support (HI) portal

Some key features on the homepage of the Now Support (HI), as noted in the illustration, are:

  1. Click the ServiceNow logo to return to the portal homepage at any time.
  2. Search for Cases, Changes, Problems, and Enhancement requests, as well as information within the knowledge base and community. (Available on every page.)
  3. Click your name to access the User Menu. Options may vary depending on your role.
  4. Click navigation links to access other pages of the Now Support (HI) portal.
  5. Click "Get Help" to search support resources, post a question to the community, or open an incident.
  6. Move through the Carousel to view news and updates from the Now Support team and ServiceNow
  7. Active Change Requests displays the three most recently updated active change requests.
  8. Active Cases displays the three most recently updated active Cases.
  9. Needs Attention will show you updates to your instance or account that need action from you
  10. Featured catalog requests display most frequently requested items for easy access.
  11. Click the Virtual Agent icon to do a quick search or initiate basic requests. (available on every page)
  12. Real Availability provides the real production availability data of your production instance for the last 90 days.  For availability data on non-production instances, click View all.

Tip: Click on your profile and select "How to use HI" to see tips about features, access knowledge articles, or watch videos about using the Now Support (HI) portal at any time.

In addition to the highlighted features already mentioned, the responsive design of the portal homepage allows you to resize your browser and easily view all content.

Additional Information

For more information about all of the options in the portal, see the following:

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