Troubleshooting Service Catalog variables


This article guides you through the process of troubleshooting service catalog variables. It provides steps to help you eliminate common causes for your problem by checking and resolving several variables issues.
Symptoms may include the following:
  • No variables on form
  • Variables values wiped out
  • Duplicate variables
  • Mandatory value not mandatory
  • Not mandatory is actually mandatory
  • Variable not visible
  • Variable is read-only
  • Variable is not read-only



Determine whether any of the troubleshooting steps below are true for your environment. Each step provides a link to an article that will help you eliminate possible causes and take corrective action as necessary. 

  1. Determine if the variable editor is added to the form. For more information, see KB0538897: Determining if Variable Editor is added to the form.
  2. Determine the configuration items you are using and if variable settings are incorrectly configured. For more information, see KB0538898: Determining if variable settings are incorrectly configured.
  3. Verify that client script settings are configured properly. For more information, see KB0538917: Determining if client script settings are incorrectly configured.
  4. Variables need to be defined properly in workflows and execution plans. For more information, see KB0538899: Determining if a variable is defined on the workflow and execution plans.
  5. Verify that variables are not double-associated. For more information, see KB0538900: Determining if a variable is associated twice.
Note: If your problem still exists after trying the steps in this article: Submit an incident to Customer Support and note this Knowledge Base article ID (KB0538779) in the problem description. For more information, see Customer Support.


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