If I go into the Approval Form then execute the Approval button on a Change request I get an Update Error occurs. 

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ServiceNow has changed the licensing requirement for the users to be able to approve and as per the below logic in 'Approval Info' widget the use should at least 'approver_user' role

Please see the line 11 in server script of the widget code :
https://<your instance>.service-now.com/sp_widget.do?sys_id=33442352cb30020000f8d856634c9c3f

var userApprovalAccess = gs.hasRole("approval_admin") || (gs.hasRole("approver_user") && data.isMine);


Try adding the role 'approver_user' to the user or you can modify the widget where this condition has been included.
As the user do not have any roles, it redirects to service portal and we need the 'approver_user' role for processing the approvals

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Last Updated:2020-11-25 05:45:01