Database view does not show proper results when group by "has_breached" field when using left join true for SLA table.

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Steps to Reproduce : 

1. log in to the instance and take any database view which has task_sla table join.

2. For example, incident_sla is a join on the incident table and task_sla.

3. Set left join =true on task_sla for incident_sla Database view as shown below.

4. Now go to incident_sla.LIST and group by "Has Breached" field.

5. We will see 3 group by results showing "false" value twice.

Group by "Has Breached" field, it is divided into TRUE and FALSE based on if the record is SLA breached or not.

But the display grid shows three groups as two false and one true.

This is because if the left join is set to true, SLA Reference which is empty is also considered which is not the case when the left join is false.


Change left join to false for task_sla table on incident_sla Database view back and the issue will be resolved.

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Last Updated:2020-11-16 21:51:32