When discovering linux servers which are AWS instances, if the Linux server has web proxy configured, the Linux - AWS pattern library fails.

This is because the target aws address set in our pattern is:

Thus it's not reachable by web proxy.

Steps to Reproduce

> Run Cloud Discovery for AWS service account
> Run CI discovery against IP address of the AWS Linux vm instance that has Web proxy configured
> The CI items are not related via the 'virtualizes' relation type


The two failed commands are in Linux - AWS steps:
"wget -qO- " + $awsURL + " 2>/dev/null;echo"
"curl --connect-timeout 1 " + $awsURL + " 2>/dev/null;echo"

The commands should be changed to below (add --no-proxy):
"wget -qO- --no-proxy " + $awsURL + " 2>/dev/null;echo"
"curl --connect-timeout 5 --noproxy '*' " + $awsURL + " 2>/dev/null;echo"

Related Problem: PRB1444291

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