Build information:
Paris Patch 1
Orlando Patch 7a

Issue Description:
Pending reason dialog box closes without any action or message if "return" key is used instead of clicking "ok" button

Steps to Reproduce

Kindly install the sn_hr_core plugin (along with load demo data) before following the steps.

1. Login to OOB NewYork/Orlando/Paris instance
2. Go to the below table
3. Open any record, for example, HRC0000139
4. Change the state to "Work In Progress" and Click on "Save"
5. Click on the "Suspend" UI action
We can see the "Suspend Reason" dialogue box is open where we can see the "Reason" and "Work Note" field, "Work Note" field is mandatory.
6. Press the Return / Enter key on the keyboard

Expected behavior : The dialogue box should not go away once we press the return key.
Actual behavior : We can see that the dialogue box is going away after pressing the return key.


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Paris Patch 1

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