PA indicator will show a score of 0 on the score widget but it does not always mean that the collection has some error OR has failed.

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If there are no records matching the conditions of the indicator source and the indicator, the score collected will be 0.

To confirm this, you can check the scores for the indicator from pa_scores_l1 table and if there is a record for a date in this table, it means that the collection was done. If there are no records for the date, you will need to check which collection job the indicator is added to and look into the job logs for any errors OR warnings.

If the collection was done but it returned the score as 0, you will need to check the conditions. For this,

1. Open the list view of the table on which the indicator source is configured.

2. Apply the conditions from the indicator source.

3. Apply the conditions from the indicator.

After applying these conditions, if there are no records returned, the score will be 0.


You will need to validate that the conditions on the indicator and indicator source are correct. If the conditions are correct, then you should have data matching the conditions for the scores to show any non zero results.

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Last Updated:2020-11-02 23:52:58