• Unix Classification fails with the below error message.
    <results probe_time="2759960" result_code="0">

    <result id="6f10ed420a0a0b7e490" name="sh ${file:esx.sh}" order="1" topic="SSHCommand">

    <results error="The ChannelOutputStream is closed! The ChannelOutputStream is closed!" probe_time="460462" result_code="900000">

    <result error="The ChannelOutputStream is closed! The ChannelOutputStream is closed!">



    <parameter name="mid_selector_details" value="{"mode":"specific_mid"}"/>

    <parameter name="discover" value="CIs"/>

    <parameter name="agent" value="midserver"/>

    <parameter name="glide.xmlhelper.trim.enable" value="true"/>

    <parameter name="use_class" value="discovery_classy_unix"/>

    <parameter name="source" value=""/>

    <parameter name="priority" value="0"/>

    <parameter name="use_snc_ssh" value="false"/>

Release or Environment

  • Instance enabled with Discovery plugin.


  • SNC SSH is not enabled on the mid server used for discovery or the probe used for discovery.


  • In the Unix Classification probe, 'use_snc_ssh' probe parameter is set to false.
  • Set the 'use_snc_ssh' probe parameter to true to enable the SNC SSH Client.
  • In the mid server used for discovery, validate the mid server configurations, if the mid.ssh.use_snc is set to false.
  • Enable the SNC SSH Client by setting the parameter - 'mid.ssh.use_snc' to true.
  • Once the SNC SSH Client is enabled, restart the mid server, re-discover the Unix server it would be successfully discovered.

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