1. Setup an action item with an item parameter.
2. Give the item parameter a default value.
3. Setup a button that references that action item.
4. Add an auto fill ui parameter and map it to the item parameter.
5. Invoke the button in the mobile app.

Expected: Default value should be passed in the request
Actual: Default value is not passed in the request

Release or Environment

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In this case the customer configured the default value in item parameter instead of UI parameter


It is expected that the default value of the field would be present in the UI Parameter and not in the Item parameter.

For example, if we want to have a default value of a field (let's say short_description) then we need to configure this in the UI Parameter (sys_sg_ui_parameter table) and not in the Item parameter (sys_sg_item_parameter)

The mobile would be expecting the default value to be defined in the Item parameter.

The default value should be configured in UI Parameter (See below screenshot for example)

It should not be present in the Item parameter. (See screenshot for example)

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More information on UI parameter

UI Parameters

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