How to add Related List of Change Request to the Pending Approval Form Screen on Mobile App [Change Request].

Take Problems Related List for example.

Release or Environment

New York and above.

Additional Information

1. Create a Problem List Applet With UI Parameter and map the UI Parameter to the Data Item Parameter.

2. Go to "sys_sg_related_lists_screen.do" to create a Related List Screen.
Name: Related Lists
Fetch Type: Background
Table: Approval [sysapproval_approver]

3. Click the "New" button to create a new Related List Mapping for the Related List Screen created in step 2.
Related list Screen: Related Lists created in step 2
Destination screen: Problem List Applet created in Step 1
Relationship: leave it blank since it cannot be selected from the drop list
Context field: sysapproval

4. Open the Related List Mapping create in step 3 in the List View to change the relationship to "problem.rfc".
- If leave it blank, the Related List will not show.
- If set it to name other than "problem.rfc", the count of the related list will be 0.
The "problem.rfc" is the related list change if we add Problems to the Related List on the Change Request form.

5. Go to "sys_sg_form_segment.do" to create the Related List Form Screen Segment for the Pending Approval Change Request Form Screen(sys_id: e3045535532033002d96ddeeff7b12bd).
Order: 20
Embedded Screen: Related List created in Step 2.
Form Screen: Pending Approvals(sys_id: e3045535532033002d96ddeeff7b12bd).

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Last Updated:2020-10-27 04:37:32