Oracle JDBC Driver included in MID Server lib folder is old, and incompatible with at least Oracle 8i. This is used by Import Set Data Sources and Orchestration/Integration Hub activities when an Oracle Database is targeted.

The MID Server installation contains agent/lib/ojdbc6.jar is currently "Oracle JDBC 4.0 compiled with JDK6 on Fri_Aug_26_08:19:15_PDT_2011"
That has problems connecting to Oracle 8i, which the newer "Oracle JDBC 4.0 compiled with JDK6 on Thu_Jul_03_18:17:32_PDT_2014" doesn't.
An Oracle version also exists.

Steps to Reproduce

Confirm the version using this command from the mid server agent folder:
.\jre\bin\java.exe -jar .\lib\ojdbc6.jar
./jre/bin/java -jar ./lib/ojdbc6.jar


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The same workaround as PRB1433170 can be used, which involves adding the newer driver to the instance JAR Files, and then changing the class path order in wrapper-override.conf in the MID Server:
PRB1433170 / KB0862383 - The jar files for Oracle/MSSQL/MySQL JDBC drivers on MID Servers are in the lib folder, not the JAR Files table, and so can't be swapped out for different versions to be compatible with all versions of those databases

Related Problem: PRB1441208

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