The user sees the popup window below when he/she tries to attach a file to a catalog form starting from the Paris release if the user has an encryption context associated with his/her account.

The popup window appears by default if the user has an encryption context assigned. This is the expected behavior.

Release or Environment

Paris release


This is the expected behavior starting from the Paris release and the encryption popup appears for the users, who have an encryption context associated only. However, you may want to disable/hide the popup even for the users, who have an encryption context.


  1. The popup functionality is controlled by the "spAttachmentUpload" Angular Provider script. Please see the "sp_angular_provider_db3ff9dddb231010faabf031ba96194a.xml" file attached.
  2. Go to the "sp_angular_provider" table in your instance and import the "sp_angular_provider_db3ff9dddb231010faabf031ba96194a.xml" file into the table.
  3. Then go to the "Service Portal > Widgets" and find your catalog item widget. It is the "SC Catalog Item" by default if it is not changed. Open the "SC Catalog Item" widget.
  4. At the bottom of the page, you will see the "Angular Providers" related list. Please click the "Edit" button to edit the list.
  5. Add the "spAttachmentUpload" script to the list and save it.

    The "spAttachmentUpload" script is associated with your widget after step 5. So, you can update the "spAttachmentUpload" script based on your requirements to show/hide the encryption popup in Service Portal.

Additional Information

Please also see the KB article for the same issue below:


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