This article will demonstrate the steps that you need to perform in order to configure Live Chat.

Live Chat is defined when, end-user initiates the chat from the portal, using the Virtual Agent widget, and the agent accepts the chat from the Connect Support window.

Note: Live Chat & Live Agent are two different concepts. Live Agent will route the chats to Agent Workspace, and requires AWA to be installed on the instance.

Release or Environment

All supported release.


Let's consider the scenario, where you have to setup 2 Live Chats on /sp & /esc portal.

  1. Navigate to /sp_portal_list.do
  2. Add the Chat Queue column
  3. Double click on the cell and add the respective Queue (screenshot attached below)

  4. Navigate to sys_cs_live_agent_setup.do
  5. Under HR Fulfiller UI, select Connect.
  6. Under HR Queue (for /esc portal) add the chat queue name (same as step 3)
  7. Do the same for ITSM Fulfiller UI (for /sp portal)
  8. Under Global Fulfiller UI select Connect.
  9. Provide a Global Queue (it could be one of the queues mentioned above, or a separate queue).
    Without the global queue, the Live Chat will not work as expected. (screenshot attached below)

Additional Information

Now say if you want to have the queues available at different schedules, you can add the schedule in the chat_queue record page.

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