Users can list edit the 'Comments and Work notes' field for task and extended tables

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to incident.LIST or problem.LIST or change.LIST or task.LIST
2. Click gear icon to personalize list and add "Comments and Worknotes"
3. Double click on a "Comments and Worknotes" entry

Expected behavior: "Comments and Worknotes" should not be list-editable
Actual behavior: "Comments and Worknotes" is list-editable (but when I click the check button, the entry is not updated)

Note that the expected behavior listed above is only for New York.


It has been determined that the product is working as expected with this developer feedback:
"This isn't a regression. The list edit was being stopped by a console error in NY. The same behavior in Orlando exists in Madrid."

Related Problem: PRB1438128

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