In agent workspace, when a record is opened and experiencing slowness in loading the form fields or value in dropdown fields then issue can be related to Knowledge articles queried in the agent assist. Even agent assist is enabled or disabled the graphql query runs on the kb_knowledge table in the agent assist.


Slowness can be because the Knowledge articles loaded via agent assist has huge data in the 'text' field.

From the payload fetched from agent assist, card_snippet field has huge data and isĀ configured to 'card description field' in 'cxs_search_result_fields' table.

On OOB, for kb_knowledge - the 'card description field' on 'cxs_search_result_fields' is set to 'text' which is bringing huge payload to the client leading to slowness.

There is no usage for this huge data to be loaded to the client-side as the user can click the card or click on "view full article" from the available options to see the Knowledge article

Set the 'card description field' field from 'text' to empty for the below record and save it.


This modification will help not to load the article body on the card snippet in agent assist and helps the user to experience better performance in loading the form fields and dropdown fields in agent workspace.

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Last Updated:2020-10-20 10:21:52