A service catalog flow that updates the sc_req_item and then looks up records with a condition that uses a pill representing a reference may result in the look up records failing to find any records due to the name of the table being used in the condition rather than the sys_id of the reference.
The failure occurs intermittently without making any alterations to the flow.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Import attached update set.
2. Order "Apple Ipad 3" several times.
3. Inspect flow contexts in FD Ops View.
4. Observe that some executions succeed finding 1 record with condition "u_catalog_item=060f3afa3731300054b6a3549dbe5d3e" using sys_id and that some other executions fail and find 0 records and the condition differs "u_catalog_item=pc_hardware_cat_item" using table name where sys_id was expected.


Modify the conditions to explicitly specify Sys ID i.e "Trigger->Requested Item Record->Item->Sys ID" rather than "Trigger->Requested Item Record->Item".

Related Problem: PRB1439445

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Intended Fix Version

Paris Patch 3

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