When using multiple update sets are used to manage ATF tests, the 'Execution order' of the test steps may not be correct, and there are duplicate 'Execution order' values.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create update set A and make current
  2. Create a test and add like 3 steps
  3. Create update set B and make current
  4. Open the newly created test and delete a step
  5. Make Update Set A current and add a new step
  6. Complete update set A, and commit on a target instance

Expected behavior
The test contains the correct order
Actual behavior
There will be a duplicate execution order step

Here is a screenshot of how the issue presents itself:

Release or Environment

All releases.


PRB1314892 - Duplication and mis-ordering execution order of ATF test steps when using multiple update set to manage ATF test

The cause is the use of multiple update sets that amend a single ATTF test.

This is expected behavior and by design in all currently supported releases.


Depending on what has been captured in the update sets, a number of the following will need to be done to resolve the issue:

  • To remove duplicate 'Execution order', Use the 'Copy Test' button and save the copied test.
  • To remove any duplicate steps, select the step then using the 'action on selected rows...' choose delete.
  • Check the flow of the test and reorder as required.

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Last Updated:2020-10-14 04:04:22