Before the Paris version, if a system property 'glide.ui.reference.readonly.clickthrough' to 'false', Reference Variables are not honoring the property and showing the information icon for read-only reference variables whereas read-only reference fields on the platform honor the property.

This issue has been fixed via PRB1383781 in the Paris version and system property 'glide.ui.reference.readonly.clickthrough' with default value 'false' will not display the information icons on read-only reference fields

Steps to Reproduce

Below are the steps to reproduce for Pre-Paris versions

1. Enable client script 'Variable Editor Readonly' -- /

2. Set system property 'set the glide.ui.reference.readonly.clickthrough' to 'false'

3. Navigate to 'Service Catalog'
4. Open any catalog item with reference variables (example OOB item. Consulting Request)
5. Fill and submit the request
6. open the RITM record

Actual: read-only reference variables to show info Icons.
Expected: The info icon should not show up.

For platform fields, if the reference is set to read-only, the Info icon doesn't show up.


From the Paris version, to show the information icons on the read-only Reference Variables, set the glide.ui.reference.readonly.clickthrough to 'true'

Related Problem: PRB1383781

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