The OOB announcements widget to display announcements on the homepage of the portal and on Paris the announcements widget now gets a 500 error when reaching /api/now/sp/announcement

and the no announcements are showing.


Bad Reference on Display style field for the announcement "ISC:Invalid Run As User".


 There is an empty value on display style field for the announcement "ISC:Invalid Run As User".

Open the announcement "ISC:Invalid Run As User" which has a valid to  date is either today or after.

The value for the display style filed is seems to be empty in the form but if you check in the xml it has a value of sys id "7f8fe758c31023002ff2554d81d3ae99" which does not exist.

Change this value and have to add a value from this "announcement_style_list"

Once you change this value it will resolve the issue.

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Last Updated:2020-10-07 06:45:00