Generated Manifest fails upon validation in Office 365 with error 'Manifest file validation has failed. 19f2430b-0ab6-4378-ac5a-1bad9ab43b61'

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install the plugin: Knowledge Management - Add-in for Microsoft Word
    2. After install, navigate to ServiceNow Add-Ins for Office > Office Add-In-Manifests
    3. Click Servicenow for CSM
    4. Click Download Manifest
    5. Manifest fails upon validation in Office 365


Below are the Work arounds for 2 of the common issues customers are facing with with Word add-in for knowledge management.

1. Manifest validation error

If user is seeing an error similar to 'Manifest file validation has failed. 19f2430b-0ab6-4378-ac5a-1bad9ab43b61' while deploying the add-in as office admin, then follow the below workaround.

After downloading the manifest, remove the lines <Tooltip> tag from the xml file, like in the below screenshot

After this change, the add-in should be deployed without any errors.

2. Error while opening the add-in

After installing the add-in, when a user is opening the add-in, they might see the below error, if the sn_km_word.glide.knowman.word.xframe is configured incorrectly.

to fix this error, the value of the sn_km_word.glide.knowman.word.xframe property should be configured correctly with all the parent domains of the add-in in the Word application, including the <iframe> tags which embed the add-in..

This can be found using below the chrome browser console, and checking which URLs are parent to the add-in frame.

You can find the list of parent frames to the add-in in this picker. In this case {"baseFrameName":...} is the add-in frame based on the Domain of the page (parisprat.service-now.com)

There is a parent domain to this frame within the page, which is WebApplicationFrame - https://usc-word-edit.officeapps.live.com

There are no more parents to this Frame other than the top level Domain URL of the sharepoint or box etc., site URL, which in my case is https://servicenow.sharepoint.com

So if these two URLs (https://usc-word-edit.officeapps.live.com,https://servicenow.sharepoint.com) are added to the property, then the add-in should be running fine without any errors.


The system property can also have values like * in the URL, so if with enter (https://*.sharepoint.com,https://*.officeapps.live.com/) in the property, it will work in all the sharepoint sites, you can make a similar URL for box and other storages too.

But doing this will leave the add-in page open to be used in many other sites, which might not be desirable by the customer, since it can lead to security issues.

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