In Newyork Version instance after performing clone , users are not able to login in target instance using Multi factor authentication(MFA)

Release or Environment

  • New York


Table 'user_multifactor_auth' from source Instance  is being copied over to target Instance  when the clone finishes. This must be preventing the users from logging into the target instance using MFA. In target after the clone it could be having source  values &  Multi Factor secret value is incorrect which could be causing the issue .


Manually add  the table 'user_multifactor_auth' in Clone  exclude table in the source instance before performing the clone . Alternatively, you can also export the records from the table as XML before cloning and then after cloning import the XML into the target instance but this import XML activity can only be achieved when the local admin user is able to login to the target instance post the clone.

Steps to add 'user_multifactor_auth' in Clone Preservers / exclude table in the source instance 

  • Login in Source Instance
  • Go to "clone_data_exclude" table
  • Add "user_multifactor_auth" to clone_data_exclude table 

Note :-
Table 'user_multifactor_auth' is automatically adding to Clone Exclude Table in Orlando and Paris  Instances .

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Multifactor authentication (MFA)

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