Group members cannot preview or open the HR profile of opened for or subject person in "sn_hr_core_case" table.

When user clicks the reference icon next to the name, it comes up with "No Preview Available"


On clicking on preview field the following method is eventually called:
Script include : sn_hr_core.hr_CaseAjax
Method : getGlideRecordSecureSetData

This returns all the HR Profile fields that the logged in user has canRead access to :

_getData: function (gr) {
var data = {};
var elements = gr.getElements();
for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) {
if (!elements[i].canRead())
var ed = elements[i].getED();
var name = ed.getName();
data[name] = gr.getValue(name);
data['ZZ_YY_display_value'] = gr.getDisplayValue();
return data;

According to the above code if any of the HR Profile fields do not pass canRead they will not be populated in the data returned.


There is an out-of-box (OOB) ACL such the sn_hr_core_profile.* access is given to sn_hr_core_profile reader and all the OOB Assignment group members have that role and hence this issue is not seen.

This ACL could have been modified

Make sure to:

Create/Modify ACL with sn_hr_core_profile.* such that access is give to the intended user.

Check if the read ACL for sn_hr_core_profile was customized and revert it to OOB:

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