As we use dynamic filters in Reports for "assignment group" or "assigned to" fields, We cannot expect the proper results for using dynamic Filters in PA.

Widgets on the Dashboards show the scores from pa_scores tables and this data is collected through Data collector Jobs based on the table and filter conditions given in Indicator, Indicator source.

As the PA dashboard should get data only after Job run, It is not a good practice to use dynamic Filters through the breakdown Sources or adding dynamic filters at indicator and indicator source level.

Additional Information

There is no OOTB feature using dynamic filters in Indicators, Indicator Sources, or Breakdown Sources.

This requirement can be added to the Idea Portal or vote for one (if it is already submitted) by customers so that our Dev teams will review and consider for future releases based upon the feasibility and priority.

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Last Updated:2020-09-30 08:58:59