Customers observed behaviour, as per the below steps to reproduce:

  • Go to the service portal.
  • Search for any item
  • Fill that catalog item and then click on the submit button.
  • The Order confirmation box appears.
  • Click outside of this box and the request goes into submitting.. state and hanged.

Presently, in OOB this is not allowed. To dismiss the Order confirmation modal, the customer has to either click the close button or click the cancel button. The behaviour to dismiss the modal just by clicking outside is not allowed anymore.

Release or Environment

Jakarta and Onwards


This was caused because the customers were using a customized version of the below widget named 'modal'


Prior to the Jakarta release, even the OOB widgets were not locked down for customers. Hence they were able to make changes to it, and that gets skipped during the upgrade. From Jakarta, those OOB widgets were made read-only, even for admins. Only users with maint role can edit them. This was to prevent any misuse of the OOB widgets


The customer needs to revert to the OOB version of the widget to rectify the issue.

Article Information

Last Updated:2020-09-25 02:47:50