ServiceNow already provides a mailbox per instance. However, customers may ask ServiceNow to provision an additional email accounts/aliases/mailboxes for the existing instances due to different requirements (e.g. different teams using the instance, multi-tenant instance, security requirements) to have additional mailboxes to read emails from.

Email accounts


It is not possible for ServiceNow to provide additional email accounts, aliases or mailboxes for existing instances for several reasons.
If you need multiple mailboxes, you will need to add those using your own email infrastructure or create email aliases (on your own infrastructure) to forward those emails correctly to the one mailbox provided.

Some of the reasons are listed here:

  • Our email infrastructure is mostly automated.
    • All our processes are configured to work for one email account per instance.
    • All our processes are configured so that the email address for that account is <instance>
  • Instances are configured for a single Service-Now (no 3rd party) configured account.

More information can be found on our documentation Email Accounts.

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