After clone completion Orphan records are observed in sys_connection table.

Release or Environment

All Release


In an out of box instance following is configuration

Exclude : sys_connection [ only base table and not child tables ]

Preserve : sys_connection [only base table and not child tables ]

Existing PRB1403259 [ Clone - Excluding base TPC table doesn't exclude child tables extending it] is FIXED on 28th May 2020

Due to which if base table is in Exclude configuration of the source instance, it will automatically exclude child tables too [ if it is TPC ( table per class ) table], in this example EXCLUDE was applied for [ sys_connection , jdbc_connection , http_connection ], BUT PRESERVE was only applied to [ sys_connection ].

Exclude Config

Preserve Config

Orphan records example : 


1. Cleanup of orphan records [ Please reach out to ServiceNow - Customer Support ]

2. How to avoid this in future?

Please manually add child tables in the Preserve configuration of the source instance.

In this example : Please add following tables


  • jdbc_connection
  • http_connection
  • orch_jms_ds

OR any other table which EXTENDS to sys_connection

Ho to create a Data Preserver ?

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