This KB explains the "Cache Results" probe option.

On Instance, Before Creating ecc_queue Record

Class creates ecc_queue records for probes.

Before creating the ecc_queue record it checks if:

  1. System property glide.discovery.use_probe_results_cache = true
  2. Probe column cache_results = true

If both conditions above are true:

  1. Check if table discovery_probe_results_cache has a record for the combination of probe_id and CI sys_id

If a cache result is available it adds probe parameter PROBE_RESULTS_HASH to the probe.

On MID Server

The result of a probe is calculated into a hash. Probe post processing scripts are not processed and skip_sensor is set true if the new hash matches the old hash.

The payload is set to:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><parameters><parameter name="snc_payload_processed" value="true"/></parameters>

Finally, the payload is returned to the instance.

On Instance When Result is Returned

Business rule makes call to AutomationEccSensorConditions which sets the input to processed if parameter snc_payload_processed = true is found in the payload.

Additional Information

The following error may be seen when processing the inputs if the AutomationEccSensorConditions script include is not OOB and the payload is cached:

  • "No sensors defined"

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