How can we remove Continue as Guest option from authentication page while linking ServiceNow user account via MS Teams.

Link your ServiceNow user account to a messaging application for Virtual Agent conversations

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Please follow below steps respectively:

  1. Navigate to Collaboration-> Designer
  2. Open _link_account_adapter_ topic (Maint access is needed to make changes to topic).
  3. Comment the code responsible for showing the Continue as guest option as shown in below screenshot and publish the changes.

Additional Information

Q: How to get Maint access?

A: Please note that Maint access is limited to ServiceNow employees only unless your instance is self-hosted therefore, kindly reach out to ServiceNow Technical Support (open a case) and an engineer will assist you making this change. They can assist you capturing it in an Update Set and later you can deploy this in other instances as well.

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Last Updated:2020-09-30 00:45:02