In the backend view, List type fields have the magnifying glass where users can see the full list of available options to choose from but in Agent Workspace, there doesn't seem to be a way to look at the full set of available options to choose from.

If you click into the List field, it only shows 25 items to choose from at one time as shown in the below screenshot,

Release or Environment

Any release which supports Agent Workspace


  • When a List type field is opened on the Agent Workspace, could see following with "paginationLimit: 25"
    query: "query ($table: String!, $field: String!, $sys_id: String,
    $encodedRecord: String, $serializedChanges: String, $chars: String!,
    $ignoreRefQual: Glide_Boolean, $paginationLimit: Int, $paginationOffset:
    Int) {↵ GlideLayout_Query {↵ referenceDataRetriever(tableName:
    $table, fieldName: $field, encodedRecord: $encodedRecord,
    serializedChanges: $serializedChanges, pagination: {limit:
    $paginationLimit, offset: $paginationOffset}, ignoreTotalCount: true,
    sysId: $sys_id, chars: $chars, sysparm_ignore_ref_qual: $ignoreRefQual)
    {↵ totalCount↵ recentCount↵ matchesCount↵
    referenceRecentDataList {↵ sysId↵ referenceData {↵
    key↵ value↵ }↵ }↵ referenceDataList {↵
    sysId↵ referenceData {↵ key↵ value↵ }↵
    }↵ }↵ }↵}↵
  • This "paginationLimit= 25" value is coming from the system property "glide.ui.max_ref_dropdown". You can change the value on this property to change the default pagination (25) for the List type field (also applicable to reference type) on Agent workspace.

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Last Updated:2020-09-20 02:00:31