Instance times out waiting for the MID Server to respond on a JDBC  Data Source execution  - "Did not get a response from the MID server"


There are JDBC data sources on the instance that have "Connect timeout" and "Query Timeout" set to '0' indicating there is no timeout.
When the actual database is unresponsive the threads on the MID Server that are executing these JDBC probes hang and MID Server does not execute any more JDBC data sources.

This affects the performance of the MID Server and the instance to timeout on the JDBC  data source executions with "Did not get a response from the MID server"


We need to follow these steps to kill the JDBCProbe threads:

1) On the ECC Q find all the JDBCProbe  'output' records in state=processing
2) Set all of them to state=error
3) Restart the MID Server

To prevent this issue from happening it is recommended to set Connect timeout and Query timeout values for all the JDBC data sources.

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Last Updated:2020-09-29 16:42:06