We are not able to see all the projects in the 'project field' on the story table.

Steps to reproduce:

1. open any story
2. check the reference table on project that only shows few projects

Release or Environment



The 'project' field has a reference qualifier that says: javascript:ScrumSecurityManager.getStoryDotProject(current);
The getStoryDotProject class is defined in the Agile2SecurityManager Script Include which in summary, for a new record, compiles a list of projects that are NOT in the execution type of 'Waterfall'.
That is how Story (being an agile functionality) performs. If you were to change the Execution type of your projects to Agile,(or hybrid), you will see more projects display.


This is the expected behavior. You can always change the Project Execution Type to Agile if needed.

Ideally, it is not as per process for all the projects to be listed.
It was listing the project of execution type "Waterfall" though we can't create the Agile phase and map stories to Waterfall projects.

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Last Updated:2020-09-15 05:09:14