Users with ITIL role cannot create standard change templates.

The Short description and Description fields are read only on the template form.


Custom ACLs created to control access to the Short description and description fields on change_request table. (by a preferred partner)

The ACLs work as intended on the change request form but this issue was noticed when the customer decided to start using standard change templates.


We found the issue to be caused by two custom ACLs:

change_request.short_description and change_request.description (write)

When these ACLs are deactivated then the fields are editable.

These ACLs were created to control access to the "Short description" and "Description" fields on the change_request form but, when these ACLs are evaluated for templates,

these are done on the field level and not what the value is, so the system is then checking the condition, but active is undefined on the template form so the ACL fails before event getting to the script section.

To fix this, both ACLs conditions were amended to include when Active > is > empty

By amending the ACL to check to see if Active is empty, satisfies this, and therefore can proceed.

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Last Updated:2020-09-09 10:04:15