• Unable to close the "sctasks" created by "Client software distribution" manually.

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Steps to reproduce:

  • Log in to the instance

  • Open the catalog task with assignment group as 'Client Software Distribution Administrators'

  • Change the "Assignment Group" and "Assigned to" values

  • Click on "Close Task" UI action.

  • Check the state of the task where it again changes to open by some mid server


  • "Automation - Sensors" is an OOB Business rule which runs on the ECC queue table.


  • All jobs run via a MID Server, and some that don't, pass messages via the ECC Queue table [ecc_queue]. The Agent Correlator field [agent_correlator] is used by code to keep track of the originating job.

  • If the "agent_correlator" starts with "rba.", that is for Orchestration and it will be taken by the "Automation - Sensors" business rule.

  • The sctasks are related to the Client software distribution. These tasks get created when there is some issue on performing the actions like adding the user or a device to SCCM collection.

  • If a user wants to close these tasks manually, then they need to be part of the Client Software Distribution Administrators with necessary roles "sn_client_sf_dist.csd_admin" or they need to cancel the request.

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