• How to apply the Cloud Catalog Item field validation based on navigation buttons (Next/Back) ?

Release or Environment

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Steps to Reproduce:

  • Log in to the instance

  • Navigate to the Cloud User Portal

  • Launch any Catalog Item by clicking on "Launch a stack"

  • Select an item from the list and click on "Launch"

  • Do not fill the mandatory fields on "General Info" tab

  • Click on "Next" or "Provision" tab

  • It can be observed that users will be able to freely click on the "Next" button or the "Provision" tab without filling the mandatory fields.


  • Below OOB widget, Cloud Catalog Item Wizard is used in general.


  • For any Catalog Item, there exists two tabs "General Info" and "Provision".

  • Restrictions are not imposed OOB on the "Next" or "Back" options to navigate to and fro, even though the mandatory fields are left empty.

  • This is by design, the Mandatory check script will execute only upon clicking the "Submit" button but not with in the tabs (Next/Back).

  • If the business requirement is to impose restrictions on "Next" or "Back", customers can create a custom "Catalog Client Script" or the "Catalog UI Policy" either at the Catalog item level or at the "Variable Sets" level.

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