• Non-admin users are unable to update or modify the Social Q&A records.
  • The issue is happening is for the knowledge manager who should be able to modify the Q&A.


  • If the admins are able to modify the social Q&A records and non-admins cant, check for any ACL's which are failing
  • Check for the Read AcL on the kb_social_qa_answer table if it's failingĀ 
  • https://<instance_name..service-now.com/sys_security_acl.do?sysparm_nostack=true&sysparm_domain_scope=null&sysparm_record_scope=11722b01473231007f47563dbb9a7154&sysparm_domain=null&sys_id=642ba473c31331006f333b0ac3d3ae08
  • This read ACL calls the script include " SocialQACommon ' which queries if the users have the read access to the social Q&A records.
  • Since these Q&A records are associated with a knowledge base ' Social Q&A ', need to check if the user has read access to the knowledge base and activate the knowledge base.
  • The admin users still can view the inactivate records while non-admin cant, so the knowledge base needs to be active even if the user has the right role.

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  • hop into the Affected instance
  • Impersonate any of the users with knowledge_manage role
  • Navigate to kb_social_qa_answer table
  • The users will not be able to read or modify the records there

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Last Updated:2020-09-07 19:54:38