When IRE and Normlization plugin are both enabled, the method createOrUpdateCI() always insert even when the item is already created.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Activate the plugins:-
Enable plugin : Configuration Management For Scoped Apps (CMDB) (com.snc.cmdb.scoped).
Enable plugin: Field Normalization (com.snc.field_normalization).

2. Create a sys_choice.LIST
Table = cmdb_ci
Element = discovery_source
Label = Nexthink CMDB Connector
Value = nexthink_cmdb_connector

3. New field in the CMDB_CI_Computer table to have a RAW value:-
Tables>> Search Name cmdb_ci_computer
Create New Table Columns in the computer table
Type = String
Column Label = Raw Name
Column Name = u_raw_name
max leangth = 255

4. Create Transformation:-
Go to Field Normalization - Transformation and create a New one:
Name: Computer name
Table: cmdb_ci_computer
Field: Name
Mode: Active
Normalize query: true
Raw field: raw_name

Create a transform inside the previous record:
Type: Suffix
Name: Add _nexthink
Suffix: _nexthink
Final: false

5. CI Class Manager - Identification Entries
Computer>> Remove all and create a new one to use only the Name(From Computer Table)

6. Now run the following Script in Scripts-Background

var ireApi = sn_cmdb.IdentificationEngine;

var payload = {"items":[{"className":"cmdb_ci_win_server","internal_id":"cmdb_ci_win_server_WIN-9G","values":{"sys_class_name":"cmdb_ci_win_server", "last_discovered":"2020-07-28 12:52:08","os_domain":"WORKGROUP","cpu_core_count":"2","cpu_count":"1","cpu_manufacturer":"7aad6d00c611228400f00e0f80b67d2d","cpu_speed":"2601","cpu_type":"Intel Core i7-5600U CPU","disk_space":237.87304306030273,"manufacturer":"59bab02c2f825410b99959a72799b622","model_id":"b4b1cc132f351010b88959a72799b61e","os":"Windows 2019 Server Standard 1809","os_service_pack":"","os_version":"","serial_number":"38XXX2","ram":16384,"name":"WIN-9G"}}]};

var payloadString = JSON.stringify(payload);

var identifiOutput = ireApi.identifyCI(payloadString);;
ireApi.createOrUpdateCI("nexthink_cmdb_connector" ,payloadString );
var identifiOutput = ireApi.identifyCI(payloadString);;
ireApi.createOrUpdateCI("nexthink_cmdb_connector" ,payloadString);

The above steps to reproduce creates two records in the cmdb_ci_win_server table.

Release or Environment

All Release.


The main reason for this issue is because the only identifier being used here in this case is "Name" but at the same time field transformation is also being used to change the 'Name' (by adding a suffix).


The createOrUpdateCI() is being called twice in the script for the same payload. Only 'name' is being used to uniquely identify a CI (CI identifier) but field transformation is also being used to change the 'Name' (by adding a suffix).

1. On first run IRE inserts CI with name 'WIN-9G' (because a CI with that name does not exist in the CMDB).
2. Transform engine kicks in after the CI is inserted in DB and changes the name to WIN-9G_nexthink (this can be seen from audit history set)
3. On second run IRE cannot find a CI with name 'WIN-9G' (because transform has already changed the name of the CI to WIN-9G_nexthink), so inserts a new CI.

To resolve,
1. Do not change the name of the CI or ensure that the payload contains the updated CI name.
2. Use another identifier entry like serial_number to uniquely identify the CI.

From above we can see that it is actually working as expected and thus is not a product defect.

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